Our foremost priorities at bebeba are service quality, safety, and hygiene. All of our rental equipment will arrive at you domicile or delivery location in perfect condition and cleanliness. The products we offer for rent range from humidifiers to car seats, and each product requires a specific hygiene protocol. Thus, we apply all manufacturer specifications related to the proper care and maintenance of all products. We focus on offering you and your family with the highest care standards.

In the case of those products that do not include use and cleaning and maintenance instructions, we follow the procedure detailed hereinbelow and suggest that you should do the same for cleaning the Rented Good before returning it to us:

(i) Disassemble and remove all removable parts (such as the soft chair of a stroller or the cloth cover of a car seat).

(ii) Machine wash with soap-dust and non-chlorine bleach.

(iii) Vacuum clean every single corner, so as to remove all accumulated particles, and remover sticky stains and rests of dirt using a wet cloth.

(iv) Finally, use disinfectant towels to clean the whole surface of the product.

Most manufacturers discourage the use of bleach to clean their products. At the customer's request, we can provide hygiene procedures detailed instructions for each specific product.

We strongly suggest that all parents of babies or children suffering from allergies or other types of illnesses involving the sensitivity to a given product should previously contact the company to determine whether or not any of the cleaning products used could be potentially harmful.