1. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Use

The clauses appearing hereinbelow represent the general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") applicable to the www.bebebaweb.com web site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), so that all people using and / or visiting the Site (hereinaf ter referred to as the "Users") can have access to the Contents (as defined hereinbelow) and services we decide to make available to all Users, from time to time. By accessing and visiting the Site, Users admit Users recognize to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions, which include our Privacy Policies http://www.bebebaweb.com/terms and our Hygiene Policies http://www.bebebaweb.com/hygiene, may be modified from time to time, at our sole discretion, through the uploading of the new Terms and Conditions to the Site. The use of the Site once amended the Terms and Conditions imply that Users have accepted and acknowledged the new Terms and Conditions effective as of the date thereof.

We may, at any time and without prior notice, modify, stop or interrupt any and all aspects, accesses, Content and / or services offered by the Site. We may also, without prior notice and not implying any type of liability, impose limitations to certain features of the Site or restrain access to either certain parts of the Site or all of it.

2. Object

We are a company dedicated to the rental of equipment and gadgets for babies and children -such as perambulators, bassinets, baby car seats, and high chairs. The foregoing Terms and Conditions are aimed at helping Users get acquainted with both the equipment we will eventually have available for rental and the terms and conditions applicable to the browsing of and access to the services and Contents offered through the Site. Then, after assessing and considering these services and Contents, Users may decide to contact us to rent the equipment advertised in the Site.

The Contents, services, and products the object of the foregoing Terms and Conditions refers to are all those included in the Site -which all Users can have direct access to.

Any content Users may access to through a link located in the Site shall be regulated by their own registration and terms and conditions. Thus, we shall not be liable for any of these registration terms and conditions and / or services rendered by the owners of the Internet sites accessed through the referred links.

If applicable, the access to each Content, service, or goods rental shall require compensation by the User under the terms and conditions established in each and every specific agreement duly entered into outside the Site.

3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Legal Notice

After having accepted the Terms and Conditions, Users shall have a personal, limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable access and use right over the Site, as well as over all graphics, texts, images, photographs, illustrations, data, information, audio files, and / or videos offered to be used through the Site -unless these graphics, texts, images, photographs, illustrations, data, information, audio files, and / or videos become unavailable for maintenance reasons or force majeure. The Contents shall be presented by BEBEBA and / or its partners.

All Contents appearing in the Site might make references to trademarks, products, services, processes, technologies, or rights owned by third parties. However, no Clause included in the Terms and Conditions shall be construed or interpreted as granting a license or any other right over any intellectual property, trademark, or patent owned by said third parties -except through the personal right of use expressly mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

The Site shall be protected by both the Intellectual Property and Copyright Law of the Republic of Argentina and all international treaties related to IP rights.

The aforementioned license exclusively applies to a personal right of use granted to all Users, who shall neither transfer nor profit from them in any way. All information, services, and Contents shall be provided "as is." No warranty, neither implicit nor explicit or established by the law -including, but not limited to, the no violation of both the rights of third parties and dominion rights-, shall be given on the accuracy, adequacy, or integrity of the information included in the Site. Moreover, we shall not guarantee that the goods described in the Site are identical and / or similar to the equipment available for temporary rental.

The images of the equipment available for rental appearing in the Site are merely illustrative and informative. Thus, they shall never be considered contractual and the actual trademarks and colors may vary from those of the rented equipment.

Any and all reprintings, sublicenses, copies, modifications, issues, assignments, transfers, sales, rentals, and distributions of the Contents -whether total or partial and digital or physical- not having our prior written consent shall be strictly forbidden, even if these Contents are used together with other information or software owned by the User or any and all third parties.

The Users shall never create, rent, use for rendering services to third parties, trade or use in any way -whether totally or partially- any job deriving from either the Site or the Contents without having our prior written consent.

All Users shall commit not to use the Site for any and all illegal purposes. We shall have the absolute right to limit or cancel access to the Site if we understand Users are using the Site to break the law, violate the rights of third parties, or not comply with the foregoing Terms and Conditions.

4. Links in the Site

The Site may include links, web sites, or services owned by other companies. We do not control these contents, their privacy policies, or the practices of any and all third parties' web sites. Moreover, we shall never be held liable in relation to these privacy policies or practices.

We will not be liable for the availability or the contents of third parties' web sites -whether or not related to the Site. Moreover, we shall not be held liable for any and all losses or damages the Users might suffer as a result of the availability and / or the contents of the aforementioned sites. All questions and / or complaints related to any and all third parties' web sites related to the Site shall be addressed to the webmaster responsible for said web sites.

We recommend Users to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of all other visited sites.

5. Pricing and Means of Payment

All Users shall always know both the price and modality of the rental agreement corresponding to the desired goods before entering into said agreement.

Notwithstanding everything mentioned in the preceding paragraph, we may decide to change the prices and trading terms and conditions in force at any time. All affected renters shall be duly and previously notified about this decision. In each and every case, only the prices and terms and conditions agreed on by all Users when entering into the agreement shall apply.

All Users willing to rent any equipment shall pay the appropriate price through the means of payment we may make available from time to time. Generally, all payments shall be made at the commencement of the rental period.

Likewise, we may require an additional warranty covering any and all losses, robberies, thefts and damages to the rented goods without limitations.

6. User Liabilities

All Users shall be held liable for any and all uses or activities taking place in the Site following the entering into the rental agreement, as described in the corresponding rental agreement.

7. Unrequested advertisement

We shall not send advertisements or promotions through emails or any other equivalent electronic media, using Users contact information unless previously requested or expressly authorized by Users.

8. Liabilities. Indemnities

The Users, freely and voluntarily, and pursuant to their own assessment of the goods offered by us and their reliability, have the absolute right to decide whether or not to enter into the rental agreement.

The Site, the Contents, and the services are offered either “as is” or as modified in the future and pursuant to what is described in the Terms and Conditions and / or in those specific terms and conditions expressly included in a given part of the Site. All Users shall acknowledge and accept that the use of the Site is at their own risk. Thus, we shall never be held liable for such use -including, but not limited to, the direct, indirect, inherent, or consequential damages, losses, or expenses resulting from either the Site or its use or impossibility to use by Users, or related to any and all performance failures, errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, operation or transmission delays, computer viruses, or line or system failures.

9. Service Availability

All Users acknowledge, without this implying any limitation, that we shall not guarantee that the Site, its Contents, and the offered services will be always available and can be rendered without interruptions and free of mistakes, malfunctions, software viruses, or other harmful components. In this sense, we shall never be held liable for any and all damages, losses, and / or injuries suffered by Users and deriving from or related to the Internet or server failures. Moreover, we shall never be held liable for any and all virus attacks suffered by all Users' computers as a result of having used the Services or accessed the Site -including the gathering or transference of data, audio files, and / or images.

We shall make our best efforts so that the Site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Notwithstanding this, we may decide to temporarily interrupt its operation for maintenance, updates, or force majeure. Thus, we shall commit to resume the Site's availability as soon as possible.

10. Applicable Law and Venue

The foregoing Terms and Conditions shall be construed and regulated by the Argentine legislation without regard to the conflict of laws principles in force in other jurisdiction.

All Users shall subject themselves to the exclusive venue of the National Commercial Courts located in the City of Buenos Aires as regards any and all conflicts or disputes related to the foregoing Terms and Conditions.